φέτα Φλέγγα κατάστημα

Store 1

In the city center of Volos, in a traditional store, you can find our traditional cheese products, and selected products of Greek producers.

Address: K. Kartali 30, Volos
Contact Phone: 24210 33650

φέτα Φλέγγα

Store 2

In our store, close to the port of Volos, you can taste the “Flegga” products, such as Greek producers products..

Address: ΑPort Market K20 – Pyrassou, Volos
Contact Phone & Fax: 2421035808

φέτα Φλέγγα

Store 3

On the way to Pelion mountain, stop by our store on Analipseos street and taste finest flavors of our cheeses, and other Greek producers.

Address: Analipseos 192A – I. Kartali, Volos
Contact Phone: 24210 71796

φέτα Φλέγγα

Store 4

Visit our new store, where you will find “Flegga” and Greek producers’ products.

Address: Polimeri 36 – Nikotsara, Volos
Contact Phone: 24210 23315


Store 5

Visit our new store in Volos.

Address: El. Venizelou (former Iolkou) 44, Volos
Contact Phone: 24210 31674