Our history

“Flegga” has set as ultimate goal the protection of traditional Greek cheeses and the production of the most tasteful, original Greek flavours, all in high quality specifications.

“Flegga” combines tradition and modernization resulting in steady quality and taste.

The name “Flegga” draws its origin from the peak with the same name, in the heart of the breathtaking natural Reserve of Valia Calda on Pindos mountain range. Among the virgin forests and lush green meadows, away from human intervention, the flocks of sheep and goats graze from early spring to late autumn.

For the rest of the year, they move to Velestino area for winter, in order to produce the nutritious milk that “Flegga” uses in all dairy products.

The Laitsos family, with a long-standing tradition in cheese making, has recently perfected the infrastructure of the factory to serve as a model in the dairy produce field. There, in their traditionally natural settings, the traditional Greek P.D.O cheeses of “Flegga” are “born”.

Our products

At the “Flegga” premises we produce a wide range of traditional cheeses: Feta, Kasseri, Hard Cheese (Kefalotyri, Graviera), goat butter, soft white cheese (Manouri, anthotiro), yogurts, as well as a series of light and low-fat products, responding to customers’ requirements.

The above products are available at various packaging and containers, with the possibility of adjusting to even more if needed from consumers.

“Flegga” dairy reach consumers mainly through the four retail shops the company runs at Volos and Velestino, as well as through selected shops which aim at keeping the quality of goods at high standards throughout Greece.

Lately, “Flegga” dairy have been available to various European countries, opening up to other people and introducing them to these unique tastes.


All our processes are FSSC – ISO 22000-certified and our products are considered the benchmark of the Greek cheese industry.

All P.D.O products are certified by AGROCERT, state organization for the certification and inspection of agricultural products, while, our organic products are certified by Cosmocert, the leader organization for the inspection and certification of organic production. We will continue to focus on these targets through the professional upgrade of our human resources.