New Website

The company “Flegga”, Nikolaos Ch. Laitsos and Co., welcomes you to its new website, renewed, attractive and easy to use! We invite you to browse and enjoy the authentic and

Innovation award for Flegga dairy products

Distinction in the competition of “Innovative Projects for the Promotion of standard Mediterranean dairy products” received in 2014 Flegga Creamery.

The quality of FLEGGA dairy products at ANUGA 2019! ( Published in dairynews.gr)

Flegga Creamery participated in the international food exhibition Anuga 2019, exhibiting its genuine Greek products, stimulating its extroverted character and highlighting the wealth of Greek cheese from the beautiful natural

Tribute of the newspaper “THESSALIA” to FLEGGA Creamery

Click here to zoom in We thank the newspaper “Thessaly” for the tribute to FLEGGA Creamery.

Visiting of postgraduate students of Agricultural University of Athens

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed and guided the postgraduate students of Agricultural University of Athens. The students enthusiastically watched the process of making cheeses and other dairy

Visiting of French cheesemakers

It was our pleasure that we welcomed the Cheesemakers from France to our creamery. The team was guided and impressed by the operation of our modern production unit.