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επιδόρπια Φλέγγα


Unique desserts for you and your children from organic 100% Greek pasteurized goat’s milk.

Try the “Organic Vanilla Flegga Cream” with rich taste! A pleasant way for your children to get all the nutrients of organic goat milk “Flegga”.

And for chocolate lovers … “Organic Chocolate Flegga Cream” and “Mixed Chocolate Cream – Vanilla Flegga”.

Organic milk “Flegga” is collected daily from certified Greek organic livestock units.

It comes from goats that feed exclusively on plant organic food, observing all the rules of certification of organic products.

“Rizogalo Flegga” with a creamy texture and light taste, is produced from 100% Greek pasteurized goat’s milk and glazed rice.

“Creme Jelly Flegga”, is produced from Strawberry jelly with and vanilla cream from organic goat’s milk.


Plastic Container
250 gr

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