xinotiri cheese Flegga


With selected fresh milk from the pastures of Thessaly and traditional recipes, at the Traditional Cheese Factory Flegga we create the appropriate conditions for the preservation of the authentic Greek taste with excellent cheeses, such as the Goat Cheese Flegga.

It is prepared with passion, following the traditional way.

It drains into the cloth (tsantila), takes its time to mature and acquires its unique, rich creamy taste, giving your table a special traditional note!

Tips: Combine it with an Assyrtiko Santorini wine, a wine with subtle citrus aromas and a rich and lively taste, with lively acidity, to release the saltiness and delicate characteristics of goat white cheese.


Tin Plastic Vacuum
4 kg 400 g 200 g
8 kg 1 kg 400 g
16 kg 2 kg

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