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manouri cheese Flegga


“Flegga” manouri cheese is a semi- soft fresh whey cheese with pasteurized cream from goat or sheep milk.

It has exuberant texture, buttery flavor and unique aroma.

The color is white and has a cylindrical shape.

It is considered as the finest whey cheese produced by adding goat cream.

Tips: Τhe Manouri cheese mostly eaten as a table cheese.

You can also eat it as a dessert accompanied with honey and nuts or in salads.

It may also be used in pies, tarts, salads and desserts. The velvety softness and “sweet” expression of taste is incomparable.

This is why it can be combined with a Semillon wine, which has the “oil” and weight needed to bind well with the creamy cheese.


Stick Vacuum
2 kg 400 g

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